We provide a wide range of services from our production facility in Portishead. If you need any advice, just give us a call.

We can cut any 2D design including pockets of varying depth and this forms the majority of the work we do. The accuracy of CNC control combined with a high quality motion system allows us to produce incredibly detailed designs with a typical tolerance of 0.2mm in the majority of materials.


Using our in-house 3D printers, designed by us, we can produce any component up to a maximum size of 300 x 210 x 400mm (LxWxH) from a variety of materials including ABS, PLA, PETG, CO-PET, PC, HIPS, PA6, PA12, PA-CF, PA-GF, TPU, PVOH, PolyWood™ and PolySupport™. Our machines use the FFF/FDM process to produce parts from a variety of thermoplastics and can achieve dimensional tolerances of ±0.1mm. There are a huge range of possible applications including prototyping, models, jigs and fixtures, spare parts and short-run customised manufacturing. Contact us to find out how 3D printing could help your business.


Using our 3-axis machine we can also create full 3D geometry for relief carvings, contoured and textured surfaces. This is a more complex process which requires more machine programming, so extra cost may be involved to prepare the drawings.


We can produce any design, piercing an entire sheet or just specific locations, as well as inserting countersinks where required.


We can add any design of edging or moulding to the sides of your parts for a more traditional finish e.g. softening radii, ogee profiles and chamfers – if there’s a cutter available, we can cut it!


Using modified tooling we can produce very complex designs to a high level of accuracy in a variety of finishes. As an alternative to laser cutting/engraving, routing can produce a cleaner finish with less post-processing for scorch marks.


We can provide a variety of other services alongside the above including sanding and finishing, painting, laminates and edge-banding. We can also perform folding operations in certain materials, for example aluminium composite panels. Contact us to discuss your project requirements.


If you need help generating your design or producing CAD geometry, we can help. We usually aid with preparing drawings for cutting, but we can also provide bespoke designs if necessary. We charge a minimum of £40 exc. VAT for this service, but it’s always best to contact us to discuss your ideas and get an indication of the costs involved.


We understand the importance of receiving your parts in perfect condition, and we have preferable rates with a number of couriers. We can offer same day, next day and timed deliveries, or alternatively you are welcome to visit our workshop in Portishead to collect. If you have any particular packaging or shipping requirements, please let us know in your enquiry – our standard quoting includes next day delivery.