Project Description

Implant dentistry has changed a lot recently thanks to the accessibility of CBCT scanning and the software which enables manipulation of the scan data as 3D models on a computer.

Dr Rick Ferguson and Dr Cory Glenn have shared a huge number of dental implant cases where they have used Robox to 3D print surgical guides which they have designed in software such as the free to use offering BlueSkyPlan from Blue Sky Bio. Now Robox is used to create guides in hundreds of dental surgeries all over the world.

The images show a guide which was designed for use in implanting a fixing point for a replacement tooth. The accuracy of the print is critical to avoid very serious harm as the dentist drills into the jawbone of the patient. The CBCT scan is able to show the dentist where nerve endings, delicate veins and arteries are and where drilling through thin sections of bone could cause further complications if drill bits or implant screws break out into sinus cavities or there is not enough bone to hold the screws. All very critical!

The wonderful thing about all this is that the 3D printed guide enables far greater accuracy in implant surgery than any other method. This gives the dentists confidence to take on more complex work so patents get better treatment without having to step up to specialists. The cost of this treatment is reduced through simplified procedures following planning and guide creation prior to surgery in the dental office often in the same day!