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This product is built around a 24 inch LCD screen. The default specification is great value and suits most games. We’ve built 100’s of custom arcade machines over the past few years so please contact us if you want any changes or extras, we can build anything, for example;

4 player / more buttons / 27″ screen / full wrap / plexiglass, there is no limit to the customisation as they are built to order.

Confused or want something that is not listed? Contact us.

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The design and parts for our arcade cabinets are the very best on the market today, robust and easy to customise. Check out arcade.cel-uk.com

Bar Top Arcade Dimensions: 163.5 x 60.5 x 56cm (Height x Width x Depth)

Bar Top Arcade

A full size free-standing retro style arcade machine with robust authentic buttons and sticks.

Cabinet Trim Colour

Authentic trim in hard wearing bright colours protects the unit and the surfaces it rests on and gives a great retro look and feel to the cabinet. This trim is wrapped around most edges and custom colours and options can be arranged. Blue is the default colour, if you prefer one of the other colours below please use the drop down box above. Note – Chrome would bear an extra cost of £10.00

Cabinet Material

Laminated boards are hard wearing and wipe clean. Choose from our current colours or enquire about a custom finish.


Marquee Panel

This is the panel above the play area and screen. In a traditional arcade it would show a unique graphic for the game being played. Ours come as semi-opaque opal white as standard with a CELCADE graphic. Add custom graphics as options, please contact us to discuss.


Cabinet Hardware

In our plug and play assembled units all the nuts bolts and screws are fitted and ready to use. Magnetic closures are fitted to prevent access to the electronics and to the lower cupboard area.

Control Area

This is the most important part for recreating that arcade gameplay feel. The default 2 player setup is ideal for most games.

Button Layout

The standard and most common Japanese layout is a set of six buttons arranged 2 by 3 in a curve so you can reach them easily with all fingers. This would be the default for your Arcade. Different layouts such as the American rectangular style may be more familiar to some gamers. Please let us know when you place the order if you would prefer American Standard.

Japanese Standard (default)

American Standard

Button and controller selections

Function button location

Credit for most games is added by pressing a button. This replaces a coin mechanism (future option).  Typically these buttons are a set of four buttons which include Player 1, Player 2 and another button beside each of these which is needed to control some functions within the system such as loading games and accessing system menus. Choose the location of these buttons, on the control panel above the main button set but below the screen (standard) or on the front panel under the controls and facing the user.

A typical two player setup would include:

  • 2x 8-way micro switched joysticks
  • 12x backlit coloured buttons in the pattern of your choice
  • 4x function buttons such as player 1, player 2, etc

Function buttons above control area

Function buttons below control area

Select controls for each player

Most games can be accommodated using the standard 2 player setups with 6 buttons and joystick.

Player 1 – Is always the left side of control area, extra players are added to the right of this player.

Button set for player 1 – 6 buttons.

Button colour scheme – This can be customised per player. A “Balanced mixture” will be a visually pleasing pattern using several colours of button.

The buttons come in a wide range of colours and custom options can be considered. Remember to try and match trim and optional graphics! These buttons are great quality and will accept the required bashing of many games. Buttons can be replaced easily.

– A trackball makes some games such as Asteroid really authentic. If you want this we need to cut a hole in the surface to ensure a good fit among the other buttons and joysticks. Adding it later would most likely require a new control panel. Space for a trackball with many other buttons can be a problem, order everything you want and we can adjust.
Player 2 – Repeat the same selections for player 2, using the same numbers of items will avoid additional customisation costs. Changing colours will not typically make a difference to price.


The plug and play system will start up and run as soon as you plug it in. The standard unit runs Raspberry Pi 4B hardware which is more than capable for most games. Raspberry Pi OS (previously called Raspbian) is widely used and very flexible and is preinstalled to run RetroPie which allows all these great games to be played. All the software and games are stored on a tiny MicroSD card which is easy to update and manage.

With a preconfigured installation you have access to tens of thousands of games including just about every game you can think of from the first arcades to the most popular home entertainment systems and consoles.

Just a few of the games available to play via RetroPie:

Pac-Man : Tekken 3 : Donkey Kong : Space Invaders : Track & Field : Bust-A-Moves : Defender : Street Fighter : Super Mario Bros. : Sonic The Hedgehog : Super Mario Kart : The Legend Of Zelda : Tetris : Streets Of Rage : Paperboy : Super Metroid : Outrun : Sensible Soccer : Chuckie Egg : and so many more it’s impossible to list.

RetroPie Includes emulators for all your favourite consoles:

Atari 2600 :Atari 7800 :Atari Lynx : GCE Vectrex : NEC TurboGrafx-16 : Nintendo 64 : Nintendo Entertainment System : Nintendo Super NES : Nintendo Game Boy : Nintendo Game Boy Color : Nintendo Game Boy Advance : Nintendo Virtual Boy : Sega 32X : Sega CD : Sega Master System : Sega Genesis : Sega Game Gear : Sega Saturn : SNK Neo Geo : SNK Neo Geo Pocket Color : Sony PlayStation : Sony PSP : and more.

Adding more games and emulation is easy via a very active and supportive community. The system is based on the widely used Raspberry Pi OS (previously called Raspbian) which would allow you to run HD video and other tasks from the same system, this means CELCADE can be a complete entertainment system.


Currently we offer Raspberry Pi 4B with 4GB of RAM to give games a bit more performance headroom and allow some newer games to run easily. Future options are a small Linux based computer but the Pi option is more than enough for now. A suitable power supply is included with the Pi. This is the core of the machine but can easily be swapped out later.

System power supply

Mains power is provided externally via a common kettle cord on the rear of the machine. Internally this is used by the screen and is liked to other systems. The internal distribution includes 5V converters ready to supply the marquee backlights and other 5V systems. Inside you will see a 4-way socket combined with 2-way 5V outputs, wired to switched C14 IEC inlet. The required kettle lead is also provided. NOTE: If this product is to be used outside of the UK some replacements will be needed to ensure power systems are suitable.

MicroSD Card

A 64GB card is enough to install the standard system. This part is easy to replace and write new systems to. Grab a bigger card if you intend to add other functions to the system such as media centre functions. By default no SD card is included so you will need to provide a blank card and write the system required games. We can help you do this after purchase.


The 24 inch HD screen is the most obvious feature of the arcade cabinet. This size is ideal to recreate the retro feeling.

We have selected the excellent IIYAMA X2481HS-B1 24″ ProLite VA HD LCD Monitor. This is connected internally with the included HDMI cable.

Diagonal 23.6″, 60cm
Panel VA LED, matte finish
Native resolution 1920 x 1080 (2.1 megapixel Full HD)
Aspect ratio 16:9
Brightness 250 cd/m² typical
Static contrast 3000:1 typical
Advanced contrast 12M:1
Response time (GTG) 6ms
Viewing zone horizontal/vertical: 178°/178°, right/left: 89°/89°, up/down: 89°/89°
Colour support 16.7mln (sRGB: 99%; NTSC: 72%)
Horizontal Sync 24 – 80kHz
Vertical Sync 56 – 75Hz
Viewable area W x H 521.28 x 293.22mm, 20.5 x 11.5″
Pixel pitch 0.2715mm
Colour matte

Please note that screen type and features may change without notice based on availability.

Audio Including connections

The speakers are mounted above the screen facing downward and give a great deep sound that brings the games to life. Some of these game soundtracks are so great you will want to crank it right up and the Amp is easy to access right below the buttons. As standard all these parts and cables are included and fitted.

Audio power supply

A 12V Power Supply is included as standard to run the Audio system.

Extra items and customisation

We specialise in customisation and these arcade cabinets are a great opportunity to have a unique and exciting focal point to any room or gathering. Please see the DIY Cabinets / Custom Build listing if you want something a little more personalised, for example 4 player / more buttons / 27″ screen / full wrap / plexiglass.


Fabricated and assembled in our UK office from all new parts. All components covered by our warranty. The software is open source and carries no warranty or guarantee.

The hardware is designed to run RetroPie,we can help you with installation but can’t offer support that is not hardware related. The software is well maintained and there is a large community based around it that can help with any topic you raise.

LEAD TIME. Made to order, typically shipped within 5 working days. We will let you know on the first working day after your order if there is additional delay.

HARDWARE CUSTOMISATION. We can customise any aspect of the system to match your requirements; Adjusting – materials, profile shape or size, button layout, screen orientation, Plexiglass top, etc. Just talk to us about what you want and we can agree the design changes and build you dream machine. Contact us for any customisations.

SHIPPING NOTE. This item is quite heavy, as much as 120kg in some configurations. At a minimum two strong people will be required to move it around. A trolley or lifting device is recommended. We can offer local collection from BS20 7GF by appointment – Please order as normal. Prices for UK shipping are as displayed. For shipping to EU and outside the UK or in areas which have higher shipping charges we will provide an adjustment quote after your order.

All images are for reference only and do not constitute a description of the product. Components, features and fittings are subject to change without notice. Trademarks and Brands belong to the respective owner and any shown here only for information.

Additional information

Dimensions 62.5 × 60 × 165.5 cm


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