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A simulation racing rig with all the features you need to get in and become immersed on the track; be it Formula, GT, or Rally this rig can do it all! With every feature being adjustable, anyone of any age or size can comfortably drive for hours.

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The R1G is aimed at high quality and affordable PC sim playing. R1G is highly adjustable so will suit any ergonomics, the design is compact, and integrates every feature you need to get started. Because we manufacture to order, we can easily customise aspects to suit your personal equipment requirements or style.

A Logitech G92, or equivalent, is a fantastic starting point. There’s a lot of fun and immersion to be had with the R1G and this system, of course you can upgrade your Wheel, Pedals and Peripherals to anything you want (can afford)! We want to hear from you with your ideas, we can adapt the design to meet your exact specification. The system integrated seat slides so that all your friends and family can join in the fun, and is ready for bass shakers/seat rumblers, to add that next level of immersion. Whether you’re on a PC or console this Cockpit is an ideal addition to your system.

The integrated VESA 100×100 mount allows a wide range of displays to be connected and positioned, this is not a common feature on driving rigs and a separate purchase would normally be required.

If you have your own or preferred chair it can be integrated with the system. We also make an extremely comfortable and durable chair that matches the aesthetics and bolts directly onto the seat slides.

Key Features:

  • No Tools for adjustments! – With fully adjustable seat, wheel, VESA screen mount, pedal angle and distance, it will perfectly fit any racer/gamer’s build. The seat is on slides so can fit the entire family without the use of tools.
  • Works with any Wheel or System – We make every R1G bespoke for each customer so any peripheral is compatible; just let us know what items you want to integrate and we will make the right parts to fit your gear. If you’re new to Sim racing we suggest the Logitech G92 eco system which is a lot of fun!
  • Fold Away Table – The table swings out to be used with a keyboard/mouse (fits left or right), which folds away when not in use allowing the racer/gamer to have maximum driving space.
  • Strong, Light and compact – Rigid yet lightweight Birch plywood with protective phenolic resin overlay.
  • Central wiring management, allowing the sim rig to look as clean and tidy as possible, with no loose or hanging cables.
  • Wheels on the frame allow you to lift the rear and easily move the rig about for convenience and storage.
  • VR compatibility for next level immersion.
  • Works with all PCs, Laptops and Console systems.
  • We can supply the R1G flat packed or fully built. We can customise any aspect of the system to meet your aesthetics or specifications.

For more information about our R1G racing seat that can be included in this system, please take a look our separate listing: http://www.cel-cnc.com/product/r1g-racing-sim-seat/


Back in the day Chris and his wife, Emma, enjoyed setting down course times on the original “Colin McRae Rally” game, keen to relive their youth they recently bought a wheel, pedal set and a couple of bottles of wine and engaged in battle once more. Emma commented at the end of the evening that “If the chair could stop wheeling away from the desk when I brake then we would do better”, Chris replied “hold my beer” and a matter of days later the R1G was born. Looking back I think Emma meant a couple of house bricks, but that’s history!

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R1G Sim racing rig

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