Project Description

Robox is our award winning 3D printer product. We have seen a lot of customers using several of our printers at the same time for larger projects and in print farm type setups.

This product we called Robox Tree. Up to 5 Robox units can be placed on the shelves with space in the column to keep all the wiring tidy but accessible.

Tree is designed to be shipped in flat pack format for self assembly, it is cut from 18mm Birch ply with slots and pockets to keep it rigid. Cross dowel bolts hold most of the frame together and Cam Locks are used in some of the base sections.

We went through several design iterations with this product and designed it for small run manufacturing on CNC machines so we could outsource the design for local production to save shipping to our many global customers. All the local supplier needs to do is add the fixings and supply it to the customer.