Project Description

CEL has been making power tools for over 10 years and over this time have been to a lot of trade shows. We love talking to customers and this has been great for the team to get real feedback and to learn how other people are using our products.

We have had a few trade show stands over the years, some were hard to put up, some were hard to store or transport. We had been approached by a lot of stand builders but they were either far too expensive for what they offered or simply could not create the wow-factor that we wanted.

Combining CNC cut particleboard for a frame with light weight hardboard as panels and curved faces allowed us to create a stand which was eyecatching and appeared solid while actually being quite light to assemble in separate sections. Tabletops and display panels made  in the same manner created a very flexible setup which could be adapted to our changing product range.

This stand has served us well and has been used many times. We still keep it ready to go in our warehouse.